MOODYVILLE NEWS & White Flower Bay Gazette

1- Space station crew inspect mysterious hole during spacewalk

2- Microbes that live at the gym are pumped up on antibiotic resistance

3- IceSat space laser makes height maps of Earth

4- Neil Young says Hyde Park show will proceed without Barclaycard as sponsor

5- Woman's diamond ring found in sewer 9 years after falling into toilet

6- There's water on Bennu, OSIRIS-REx confirms

7- After Microsoft Claimed Patent 'Truce' Its Patent Trolls Keep Attacking Microsoft's Rivals

8- Hypoxic Dead Zones Found in Urban Streams, Not Just at the Coast

9- Study Links Frequent Red Meat Consumption to High Levels of Chemical Associated With Heart Disease

10- Underground life has a carbon mass hundreds of times larger than humans'

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